A downloadable game for Windows

Mr. Spring is a 3d-patformer prototype built with Unreal Engine 4. Our concept was "Spring into Action" So we thought making the character a spring was a great idea, but wanted to keep the cutesy spring vibe going.

The main objective of this demo is to collect three objects to open a door to the next level that doesn't actually exist.

Have fun!

Install instructions

Download the .zip, extract, and run AKZFSpring2017Jam.exe


Hyperbole_MrSpring.zip 117 MB


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Nice game. 


-Nice consistent art style.

-Music is okay.

-Good length for what it is.

-Checkpoints kept me from quitting.


-Need to playtest a bit more to make some hazards a bit less annoying.

-Telling people controls at the start would be nice.

-Some niggling things like do I need to press restart when I die? If I don't want to restart I'll just quit ;)


I have finally played your game, and just wanted to share my thoughts about your game:

The good:

  • The graphics and animations are both really simple and super great.
  • The music is really relaxing and fits the game well.
  • The game idea is simple and really fun.
  • The control of the spring is okay.

What could have been better:

  • The jumping mechanic is okay, but it has some issues. Sometimes when I am standing near a edge I can't jump. And why can't I gain power for a jump will I am in the air?
  • The level design is also okay, but again I had some small issues. Especially some of the platforms are really hard to jump too. And it's also a bit difficult to know what you are suppose to do in the levels.
  • I would really have liked some sound effects, especially from the spring.

But overall a very great game for the Epic's Game Jam.